Docente: Silvia Profili

Corso di laurea: Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Management dell’Innovazione

Indirizzo: Consulenza aziendale e libera professione, Management consulting

Anno Accademico: 2018-2019

CFU: 8

Durata dell'insegnamento:

Materiali didattici

Lingua: Inglese

Obiettivi formativi del corso

People are the most important asset of any organization. Human resource management (HRM) can be defined as the effective use of human capital in an organization through the management of people-related activities. Successful human resource management and its emphasis on the well-being of the employees enhance the performance of organizations and play an important role in creating and sustaining advantages. This course attempts to introduce the relevance as well as the most important ideas, concepts and techniques of HRM. Relying on a rigorous theoretical and methodological approach, the course offers the opportunity to learn the most widespread HR management practices and tools through an in depth analysis of some of the most significant experiences “in the field”.

Main learning objectives:
Define the key areas of human resources
 Understand the strategic role of human resources
 Understand performance and competence appraisal
 Evaluate training and career development within a company
 Understand the total rewards system and compensation packages


Topics to be examined include:
 The human resources function as a strategic partner and a change agent
 Managing Jobs: Job Analysis
 Recruiting and selecting staff
 Evaluating people
 Rewards and compensation
 Managing diversity

Modalità di svolgimento del corso

Lectures, tutorials and group discussions, case studies and seminars with external guests.

Modalità di svolgimento dell’esame

50% final written exam
50% participation to class discussion and team works

Testo di riferimento

 Boselie P., 2014, Strategic Human Resource Management: A Balanced Approach, 2/e.
 Gabrielli G., Profili S., 2016, Organizzazione e Gestione delle Risorse Umane, Isedi, Torino.
 Additional readings and case studies will be provided by the instructor

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