15 May, 2019

“La contabilità pubblica tra regole nazionali ed europee” Conference

May 17th, 2019 – Università Europea di Roma, on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for Francesco Zaccaria invites all students to participate in the meeting on public accounting between national and European regulation, to be held from 10:00 in the Aula Master room.

The event programme is shown below:

10:00 – Greetings from the Chancellor and the Head of Department

10:15 – Maria Luisa Bassi and Vincenzo Caputi Jambrenghi –Francesco Zaccaria, Professor and magistrate

10:30 – Introduction by Angelo Buscema

I Session – Public accounting, European constraints and fundamental rights

11:00 – Giovanna Colombini presides

  • Marcello Degni – The new European economic governance
  • Salvatore Cimini – Budget balance and public debt sustainability
  • Loredana Giani – Budget balance and fundamental rights guarantee
  • Walter Giulietti – The harmonisation of public finances

II Session – public expenditure review and jurisdiction

14:30 – Franco Gaetano Scoca presides

  • Maria Teresa Polito – The national court of audit control on local authorities’ budgets
  • Claudio Chiarenza – The jurisdiction of the national court of audit over publicly owned corporations
  • Mauro Orefice – administrative responsibility arbitration
  • Aristide Police – arbitration at request of a party

Planned interventions:

Annarita Iacopino, Laura Lamberti, Benedetta Lubrano, Mario Palma, Giuseppe Andrea Primerano, Stefano S. Scoca.

Conclusions – Matilde Bini, Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management


See the event flyer (PDF)