The Management Consulting specialization course enables the development of critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, planning and problem-solving skills. The course is designed to launch graduates into a career in business consulting (financial, tax, organizational consulting), freelance work and legal auditing.

Course Program

This academic and professional program with one year of the course taught through English, was created in response to the growing demand – from companies, financial institutions, international bodies and research institutions – for young graduates with a highly qualified and versatile university education in the disciplines of Economics and Management. 

The curriculum facilitates entry into the job market by offering intensive Business English courses, work placements in institutions and companies, international and orientation internships, tutoring and career counselling services. 

In UER we focus on business ethics and social responsibility in entrepreneurial activities, finance and freelance work, as well as the development of effective communication, problem-solving and team-working skills and the management of interpersonal relationships.

During the 1st year the following courses are taught in English: Monetary Policy, Applied Econometrics, History of Innovation and Economic Growth, Market Law and Regulation, Human Resource Management, Economics and Ethics, Financing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills.

1st year – 2020/21 (in english)
Monetary policy SECS-P/02 8
Applied econometrics SECS-P/05 8
History of innovation and economic thought SECS-P/12 8
Market law and regulation IUS/05 8
Enterprise risk management SECS-P/11 6
Human resource management SECS-P/10 6
Economics and ethics M-FIL/03 6
Management skills SECS-P/10 6
English for Business and Economics  6
ECTS total amount for the 1st year 62
2° anno – 2021/22
Crisis and Corporate Recovery (in Italian) SECS-P/07 6
Economics and Innovation Management (in Italian) SECS-P/08 8
Quantitative Methods for Finance (in Italian) SECS-S/06 8
Tax Law (in Italian) IUS/12 6
Training and Orientation Internships 4
Electives 12
Graduation Exam 14
ECTS total amount for the 2nd year 58

Current Degree Courses

The courses active in the AY 2020-21 are published in the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree – Teaching section