First Residential Training Edition

The First Residential Training Edition will be held in Rome from 25 October 2023 to 27 October 2023. 

Over the two and a half day, Participants will be focusing on theory(ies) of competition law and policy in the digital environment and on the most recent cases at EU level in order to contribute a common legal and judicial culture. 

Such objective will be pursued by sharing national judicial experience and interdisciplinary tools as well as advancing those networking skills within the judicial community that are key to master within the European Union an effective enforcement of competition law.

The training will be complemented through the organizations of working groups, mock-cases with a planned collective feedback session and case-oriented discussions in order to nourish an out-of- the-box perspective of the training participants.

The First Residential Training Edition is reserved to:

  • National Judges dealing with competition law cases at national level
  • National judges interested in competitive issues in digital markets
  • Prosecutores, Apprentice National Judges, and the staff of the Judges’ Offices

Interested Judges in participating the DiCo for Judges 2023 Edition I can apply: Deadline 10 May 2023

Participation in DiCo for Judges 2023 is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs in Rome for the selected participants will be covered by the Project within the caps set at EU level.

Requirements to apply

Only national Judges from European Union’s jurisdictions are eligible to apply. In particular:

  1. Judges dealing with competition law cases at national level, i.e., specialised competition law tribunals and court of appeals; Administrative courts (first and last instance) having jurisdiction to review the NCAs’ decisions; Civil and commercial courts (first and last instance) that have jurisdiction in private enforcement cases of EU competition law; or
  2. Judges not belonging to the above categories, yet interested and motivated to explore issues of competition law in digital markets

Public prosecutors and office staff of judges dealing or interested in national competition law cases may also apply.

Application process and information

Applicants can submit their application by email to DiCo Scientific Coordinator at providing with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Jurisdiction
  4. Role in the National Court (Judge, Prosecutor, Apprendice National Judge, Judicial Court Staff)
  5. Any other information to qualify the applicant’s interest for competition law and digital markets
  6. Contact details (including email and phone number)

For any further information or clarification please contact  Prof Valeria Falce

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Edition Programs and Materials

All the materials about the First Residential Training are available in Materials section