Business and Culture

Business & Culture (B&C):
The program will unfold in an European global context, taking as a starting point the experience acquired by the Italian industries and converted into the prestigious brand “Made in Italy”. Through lectures, visit to corporations and involvement in a business game, the participants will be able to reinforce their capacities of analysis, strategy, team work and decision making. At the same time they will have the opportunity to visit the most prominent cultural sites in Rome and to enter in contact with one of the oldest civilizations in the world, touching its history, art and traditions. Culture & Business are presented as integrated components of the same model of economic and social development.

B&C lesson’s Program:
The program allows the recognition of an elective subject of 6 credits, and a “taller” of 3 credits (Cultural visits).

All activities will be taught/offered in English and will consist of 48 hours:

  • 6 hours of webinar before the arrival
  • 12 hours of lectures at Università Europea di Roma
  • 10 hours of business game
  • 20 hours of visits on site (corporations and cultural)


  1. Introductory overview of strategic and international marketing: basic concepts and methodological approaches.
  2. Overview of Made in Italy: major industry sectors, economic trends and export performance, interpretation of the key success factors according, in particular, to the above concepts.
  3. Introduction to a short competitive business simulation, partially inspired to a typical Made in Italy industry.
  4. Simulated decisions made by small teams of students and discussion of the obtained results, short overview of basic business economics concepts.
  5. Introduction to practical exercises in small teams and plenary discussions on the following: estimate of market potentials abroad, in specific industry sectors; pricing and distribution channel decisions; communication and web marketing strategies and tools.

On the footsteps of Jesus. History and Archaeology (OFJ):
This international program undertakes advanced research directly on site, this happens in the context of the most important historical places related to Jesus and the Gospels in Jerusalem and in Galilee. Through lectures, meetings with researchers, scholars and archaeologists, the participants will be introduced to the roots of Christianity and to the heart of the relation between Judaism and Christianity, considered from a historical point of view. Workshops, forums and visits to museums and archaeological excavations are scheduled as engaging experiences of discovery of a city that is an always open research site.

OFJ lesson’s Program:
The program allows a “taller” of 3 credits (Cultural visits). All activities will be taught/offered in English and will consist of 50 hours:

  • 12 hours of lectures by webinar before the arrival
  • 30 hours of lectures and meetings on site
  • 8 hours of archaeological workshop

The program will be developed from a historical point of view, with a direct experience in the most important historical places related to Jesus and the Gospels in Jerusalem and in Galilee.Through lectures, meetings with researchers, scholars, and archaeologists, the participants will be introduced to the roots of the Christianity and to the heart of the relation between Judaism and Christianism.


  1. Basic methodological problems of history and archaeology in the Bible Lands.
  2. Introduction to the Gospels in a historical perspective.
  3. Introduction to the history of Jerusalem and to its unique religious plural identity.
  4. Introduction to archaeological methods and problems.
  5. Theories about the origins of the Christianity.

Please notice, the Two programs (B&C + OFJ) combined allow the recognition of an optional subject of 6 credits and a “taller” of 3 credits (cultural visits).

Candidate’s profile:
Students of the Anáhuac University who are looking for develop their own business and cultural skills. It is highly recommended for young entrepreneurs looking to increase their knowledge of the global market and broaden their cultural baggage and professional horizons.

Activities calendar

Info – Application fees:
B&C Fe
e: € 1,600*
*Includes charges for tuition, examination, registration, public transport and lunch meals. Does not include flights, accommodation and other personal items.

OFJ Fee € 950*
*Includes charges for tuition, examination, registration, public transport, accommodation and lunch meals. Does not include flights and other personal items.

B&C+OFJ Fee € 2,400*
*Includes charges for tuition, examination, public transport, registration one week accommodation in Jerusalem and lunch meals. Does not include flights, two weeks accommodation in Rome and other personal items.

  1. Application must be present to the International office of the student’s University within April 21, 2018.
  2. Payment may be made through deposit or transfer Bank with deadline on May 30, 2018. Bank details are the following: BENEFICIARY | Università degli Studi Europea BANK | Banca Popolare di Sondrio IBAN | IT18S0569603211000008290X49 SWIFT | POSOIT22
  3. Additionally, it must be paid at the university of origin the “exchange fee” and 10% of the registration fee to the summer period and the cost of credits.
  4. Each program will be confirmed with a minimum number of 12 participants and will be limited to 40.

Info – Accomodation & Flight B&C Fee:
To organize and book your flights and stay in Rome and/or Jerusalem it is recommended to contact the following tour operator: Brevivet 
Brevivet is a leading tour operator in Italy in the religious and cultural tourism founded in the year 2000 following the merger of two major tour operators of religious tourism: Brevitours and Ivet. The Brevivet property consists of the most important dioceses in northern Italy. This church property, along with the historical heritage and specialization of our staff, have enabled Brevivet to grow over the years and specialize in religious and cultural tourism in particular to Italy, Europe and the Middle East. Brevivet can offer for each destination not only a high quality of services but also a unique experience to the traveler thanks to our constant care, attention to details and the ability to personalize each trip to meet every need and expectation.

Please contact:
Patrizia Mora | | (+39) 302895328
Flavio Cavagnini | | (+39) 302895362 |

Info – Contacts:

  1. At your University’s International office
  2. At Università Europea di Roma:
    Lic. Giovanni Intra Sidola –
    Lic. Chiara Messina –

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